Who: I'm looking for a female model between the ages of 18-25. Older ages acceptable naturally if the look is right. 

What: For an homage ad featuring Drakkar Noir. 

When: For one hour maximum, any morning depending when the light is good for a particular location. We will schedule it. 

Where: [Mumbai] Tentatively on the side street next to Infiniti Mall in Andheri (there's currently favorable lighting through trees there).

Why: For personal work. This is not an official ad for Drakkar Noir. It's only for portfolio purposes. Therefore this is not a paid assignment. Please read guidelines for this shoot. Model will receive free images for personal use. 


I want to flip the typical ad for Drakkar upside down. Instead of featuring a male subject, or male and female subjects together, the story will feature a single female character who loves the scent of Drakkar so much that she stole the bottle from her boyfriend/lover. We first see her in frames after she took the bottle and is on the street waiting for a taxi (or rickshaw!). While waiting, she will be checking out the bottle and various poses of trying it on, etc. Ideally, this project will result in a series of 6 images that tell the story - while any one of the shots will be suitable to be displayed apart from the sequence.  

The Look

The model will be dressed casually, blue jeans and a white shirt or t-shirt, heels. Light makeup, if any. Sunglasses. Hair tied up in a bun.

(Please note that the following images are not mine and only intended for purposes of the mood board)

Hair and wardrobe would look something like this. 

Why - Part 2

I'm developing an ongoing series of personal projects geared towards attracting commercial clients for name brands. Each project will have its own page on my website, where I will lay out the details. My hope is to attract subjects who will want to appear in these projects, especially if they have a need for interesting images for their social media pages/websites. 

The reason why I'm laying it out this way is because "searching for models" is time-consuming - since it is unpaid and everyone has their own work schedules to contend with, including myself. Therefore, I will share the projects and hope that someone will come along and adopt each one in good time. 

If you're interested, please contact me and send me a link to your portfolio or Instagram profile. Also, I would require a signed model release form in advance of meeting, which includes your usage rights to my images. You can download it below. 

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