Meeting point: Dhakuria Bridge, South Kolkata
Time: 9:00 am
Duration: 4 hours
Who is this for? Passionate street photographers/journalists/and other storytellers

Price: 300 Euros for single individual
          240 Euros per person for groups of 2-7

This isn’t any ordinary street photography exploration on foot.

We will begin at Dhakuria Bridge and photograph the view of the railway colony below. What’s incredible to me is the fact that there are a few hundred people in the colony living mere inches from busy railroad tracks. Speeding trains whizzing by is a constant danger, not to mention the lack of proper sanitation. But this is everyday life for the people here. There are makeshift markets that pop up selling fish and fresh produce. Laundry is draped over the least-active tracks to dry. It’s nearly like any other neighborhood in India – but with trains!

After photographing the site from the safety of the bridge, we will then proceed down to the colony itself. Depending on your comfort level, we will explore the length of the colony on foot, on or near the tracks themselves for much of the duration. We will meet and maybe even chat with some of the English-speakers there. I’ve found them to all be mostly warm and welcoming and even helpful in giving you suggestions when trains appear around the bend.

This could be the only location we explore if you’re really interested in what you see. I’ve been photographing the bridge and the people here for more than six years. Again, depending on your comfort level with extreme conditions and how well you like documenting the lives of people in extraordinary situations, it would be easy to get caught up in it all and lose track of time photographing people here. In fact, I would not recommend this workshop for the faint of heart or for those with only casual interest in street photography: this is truly for those who are serious about their craft.

If there is time remaining, we will continue our exploration on foot of the nearby streets and lanes in South Kolkata. There’s no other city quite like Kolkata for the scenery and people. In this area alone there is a large park, numerous lanes which wind around small lakes and temples, and everyday scenes which street photographers visiting Kolkata for the first time (or even repeat visitors!) would love. I think the combination of the railway colony mixed with the more casual and relaxed vibe on the streets is the perfect mix for photographers whose prime subjects are people.


Workshop Testimonials

"I did a workshop with Craig in December 2017. He is an excellent photographer and guide and was really helpful in showing me around the city of Mumbai. His local knowledge is second to none and he knows some excellent locations to help capture some really great images of the real Mumbai." – Paul Reynolds

“I had a workshop with Craig on Wednesday Morning. It was an enjoyable session and took in the sunset at the Worli Fort, it’s an interesting part of Mumbai with a view one the old and the new.  The people are especially approachable and welcoming.  We visited the Bandra and Juhu fishing villages where life has continued for years in spite of the changes that continue with Bandra.

Craig’s local knowledge is a key asset with the workshop and he is able to retrace his own footsteps though many of the Mumbai streets and fishing villages.  Craig’s easygoing style not only ensure a good workshop, but also a good interaction with the people of Mumbai.  If you’re interested in Street Photography and want to get some unique snaps from Mumbai out site the tourist areas then Craig’s workshops are essential part of your itinerary.” – David Kolb


“I happened to be staying in Mumbai on business and had a few days free. I'm a street photographer by hobby and thought it would be good to meet a local photographer and get a view of India from the inside. Craig was such a great guide, showing me parts of the city that a tour group would never have taken me to. Being just one on one was a definite advantage, I could follow my eye and move where I saw great images, Craig was committed to getting me the shots I wanted. As a collaborator as well, Craig was fantastic, always willing to give input or camera technique advice. Having someone like Craig with you while shooting will only make your images better, whether you are a beginner or advanced shooter. I highly recommend seeing the city of Mumbai and shooting on the streets with Craig!” – Rob Krauss

“Thank you, Craig for a very interesting and informative workshop. I appreciated your input on how you approach street and travel photography and suggestions/guidance on how I may be able to apply these to improve my photography. Your local Mumbai knowledge of some of the out of the way spots also resulted in some great material. Again, thanks and I will keep in touch.”  – Phil Duval

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