Looking For An Assistant

I’ve been asked a few times by individuals looking to assist me in my work, for which, I am very grateful. A recent change in approach is now demanding that I carry more equipment into the field on top of other things which are needed, like translating Hindi and Marathi.

My Ideal Assistant Would:

- Always be punctual. As in, not an hour late or even one minute late, but on time, if not early. Photography, especially outdoor photography, is      determined by available light and time of day - and not according to our convenience. I will not work with somebody who can't be on time. 

- Already own a DSLR, mirrorless, or decent phone camera

- Be able to function at early morning hours

- Be able to translate both Hindi and Marathi (although would consider a Hindi speaker only too)

- Live in Mumbai (Andheri West or adjacent neighbourhood)

- Be able to withstand heat and humidity, maybe occasional strenuous trekking

- Be physically able to pack a few things in a backpack (compact lighting equipment, water, etc.)

- Be available 2-3 times per week (maximum) from February 2020 

What I offer in return

- Camera instruction on your own gear

- Photoshop editing & retouching

- How to shoot street photography

- Instruction in composition and general photography tips

- At least three hours a week in individual instruction and field practice


To start out, I will offer the candidate an unpaid internship of three months. This won't be a full time position - only based on a few hours per week assisting. The time and place will always be discussed in advance, with at least 24 hours notice given. The amount of time will also not be too involved - perhaps 2-3 hours per session. 

I will work with your schedule. It's understood that anyone I work with has a life, probably a job or school schedule. Any assistance I need during the internship will be on an acceptance-basis only. Which means, I'll offer you the opportunity to assist me for some work, with proper 24 hour notification, and you may choose to accept or not. Keep in mind, if you're not available a majority of the time then the internship is likely not going to work out. 


What I need help with


Help carrying light photography gear. Translation. Model shoots. Documentary and personal projects. Anything related to photography that I'll need a second person to assist me with. 

Paid assistant

Once the three month internship is complete, it's likely a bond of trust has been established and my assistant hasn't been late for any accepted assignments with me. At this point, I'll be able to offer a nominal salary of 100 rs. per hour for any work you assist me with. If our partnership continues up to 12 months, we can discuss other arrangements at that time. 

Please note:

My client work and paid assignments currently don't require an assistant. Therefore, all the work you would be helping me with would be for personal or documentary work only. Once I acquire commercial work which requires a full time team, I will pay at industry standards. 

For now, my ideal assistant would not be in this for the money. An internship with me, as outlined here, is not a substitute for a real job. It won't cover your bills, pay your rent, or keep you plush in the latest fashionable outfits. As I mentioned, I need help with personal work - work that I'm not getting paid for. Also, I will not be able to reimburse you for travel costs to and from your home (although I cover all costs when we travel together). Keep all of this in mind before contacting me about this position. My ideal assistant would be in this to learn photography. So if you're looking to earn a living or to help pay the bills, I'll save you the time: look elsewhere for employment. 

If you're interested in learning photography, particularly street photography, then I will help you become a better photographer. If you're interested in editing in Photoshop, I will help you become a great post-processing expert. If you want to become a better photographer at an accelerated pace, I will help you get there if you are dedicated to furthering your education in photography. If this is you, I want to hear from you!

Please contact me through social media or here if you're interested. I'll be looking forward to chatting with you. 

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