I'm frequently asked about mentorship. I've usually not had a lot of spare time for this but now with the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns where I live, I find myself with some extra time for this.

For the duration of 2021, I'm offering a discounted rate of a flat $50 per two-hour Zoom session for photographers. Schedule a free consultation with me at

Sessions are paid in full in advance. I currently accept Paypal.

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Learn How to Shoot Street Photography

My favorite genre is street photography. If you're interested in how I do it and would like to learn based on my six years of shooting in India and around the world, then you may want to consider scheduling a Zoom call with me for a few minutes to discuss.


Learn How to Edit Your Images

Another aspect of our mentorship would be learning how to edit your images for presentation. I'm primarily editing my images in Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop, in case you're wondering. If you don't have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, they do offer a free trial which can be used during your mentorship with me.


Overcome Your Fear of Photographing Strangers

Another optional subject that I cover is overcoming the fear or anxiety of photographing strangers in public. I've developed a talk for this specifically and it is based on your initial self-appraisal of where you are in comfort levels when photographing people. Step-by-step, I will talk you through and offer best practices and tips for overcoming your fear in order to get good shots.


Developing Your Own Photographic Turf

If you're just starting out in street photography, it can be difficult to navigate the streets and learn where the best places are for sourcing your images. One of the optional topics we can cover that would help you gain a new perspective of your nearby locales in order to establish a photographic turf from which you'll always be able to access with intentionality.