Lecture Series:

Location, Location, Location: Claiming Your Photographic Turf




This is a workshop-webinar experience conducted on Zoom by photographer Craig Boehman. It's intended for both beginner and advanced photographers who are seeking to expand their photographic output.


As the title of this workshop suggests, Location, Location, Location: Claiming Your Photographic Turf is about establishing a locale for long-term photography projects. Photographers who participate should be interested in photographing people as one of their favorite genres. While it's not an absolute necessity, most of Craig's talk will be focused on the public photography of people as subjects, what many refer to as street photography. On the flip side of the lens, this workshop is absolutely meant for beginner and advanced photographers who are wanting to learn the ropes of street photography within the boundaries of a specific locale, your locale - your turf.

The Concept


Photographers should have at least one patch of photographic earth to call their very own turf; ideally, within a short distance from home. Distance may be relative depending on where one lives and other circumstances, but let’s agree that generally speaking one’s turf should be one of the closest locations to home, no more than 15-45 mins away by transport or by foot. This is the 15-45 Tenant

The second tenant: Shoot in 4D. Your turf is three dimensions, with the added factor of Time. This simply means that photographing your turf requires you to learn it inside and out. When there’s nothing obvious to shoot, try high and low angles, the ground, the sky. And visit your turf during both Golden Hours, morning and early evening. Consider visiting during the worst part of the day as well when the sun is high and casting harsh light and shadows. You never know what good light may be lurking in the most unlikely of spaces.


The third and most important tenant is Purpose – all the Whys. Why was your turf chosen as the go-to, default locale to photograph whenever you’re bored or have no idea what to photograph? Who and what is there – and likely available – during your average visit? Why do these subjects matter to you? Answering these questions is important although they may not need to be answered immediately. Most of the time, in fact, you may not even know why you like a certain place; you may be only testing the waters, so to speak. The important thing is to keep these and other questions in the back of your mind in order to make better use of your time in future excursions. 

To Book Or Not To Book 

As with many of my workshops, I like to give you as much information as I can upfront. I don’t want anyone booking one of my experiences and immediately regretting it because it turned out to be something completely different expectations-wise. 

This is why I’m floating the basic ideas out there now so when I begin to discuss my own turf and all the ways I make good use of it, you’ll already know where I’m coming from – without wasting any more time talking backstory. 

For some of you, this information may be all you need to know to incentivize you to try something different in your photographic approach. I’m more than satisfied if that’s the case. Go find your turf! 

But if you’re wanting to go that extra step, I’m happy to discuss with you during the webinar portion of the workshop the who, what, when, and wheres – and why – I continue to return to the same spot, again and again, after more than two years of photography, in what for me has been no less than a boon of image-harvesting. 

Additionally, I’ll be giving each participant an assignment to complete after my talk. In a nutshell, you’ll be asked to share your experience/photos with other members of the group online (private). I want each and every participant to share their new turf, their photos, their thought processes, in order to inspire and encourage one another long after the webinar experience has ended. 


You select the date/time of the webinar. 

The basic outline of the Zoom webinar workshop:

1)    Questionnaire + Terms & Conditions form sent to you to determine compatibility and interest + other details – prior to the webinar
2)    45-minute talk by me on Zoom with 15 min Q&A
3)    ON YOUR OWN: Shooting assignment 
4)    I will upload everyone’s assignments to the web for perusal by everyone in the group

Price & Terms

- 100 Euros per hour talk. Add-on details on booking page.
- Non-refundable / non-changeable upon payment

Please send your queries to me at info@Craig.Boehman