2020 CEIF Mumbai - Day 3

The Consumer Electronics Imaging Fair is likely a different experience for me than for most photographers attending.

For me, the CEIF has been purely a Sony one-stop visit. I typically drop off my camera and lenses for a free cleaning and chat a little bit with a few of the Sony people I know there. This time around, pretty much the same thing but I did get the chance to explore more of the booths because there was quite the queue at the cleaning station, which amounted to a two hour wait.

A few notes I'll mention. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much so, Sigma showed up with nothing to offer. They literally had a couple lenses on hand for people to try out. It was a complete waste of time and space, though I'm not sure who would have otherwise taken their booth instead.

I was eager to visit both Samyang's and Tamron's booths to check out their new lens offerings. Samyang had a bunch to try out although I didn't bother because I already had the two main lenses I think I'll ever purchase from them until they offer a new round of primes. Tamron, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment in their prime lens offerings (I don't use zooms). All the Sony E Mount offerings were 2.8s. For me, it was a rather blah occasion because I expect this sort of thing from Samyang (although they do have faster primes) but wasn't expecting to see only 2.8s. Missing noticeable, anything 1.8 or 1.4 in the aperture department. Later, they assured me. I was particularly keen to see if their 35mm 1.4 had a release date. No word.

It was a great day for networking too. Made a few new friends and as I mentioned, met some old ones. After picking up my camera and lenses from Sony, I set about to photograph some of the models and performers. The one who stood out for me was the one pictured above. I managed to borrow an 85 1.4 G Master and shoot a few shots of her before turning it over to the next guy. What beautiful glass. I'll definitely be picking up one of these sometime down the road.

Which brings me back to the start: the CEIF is likely a different experience for me than most photographers attending. Strangely, I don't really go to buy stuff. I'm always "just looking". It's my time to window shop. But I do get the chance to play around with all the latest offerings - one of the many other things I do have in common with my fellow attendees.

This time around the Sony A6600 was what I was more interested in - even more than the Sony A7RIV or the A92. I do leave the door slightly cracked for a Sony APSC camera that could almost fit in my pocket. It would make shooting events like this one easy, at least for when my main camera is in the shop.

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