A Few Shots From This Week

Street photography by Craig Boehman.

The above photo was taken on January 21, 2021, in Aarey Colony, Mumbai. I have a favorite country road there that I like to walk occasionally because the place, to quote the late great Chris Cornel, "doesn't remind me of anything."

I resurrected an image I had taken at the Darukhana ship-breaking yard in 2019 because I wanted to apply my new sepia technique to breathe some life into it. I think it worked out nicely. Here are the image and the caption:

July 19, 2019 - Mumbai. Darukhana ship-breaking yard.

One of my favorite places to visit when I want to photograph people working hard and hardly working. Sometimes, it's a little unnerving to stick one's neck into a game of chance. But that's street photography.

These wild grasses in Aarey Colony grow extremely fast. Because of this, I doubt there's a day or two that doesn't go by when there's not somebody harvesting them. On every walk I've taken in recent memory, there's always at least one small group of laborers clearing grass with machetes. Once their bundles pile up, they haul them to nearby tempos to transport to whatever animals eat this stuff (assuming cattle of varying species).

The day that I miss this cycle of life will be the day that I suspect something terrible has gone wrong: Either the animals no longer require food or somebody on a distant shore has just uncovered the Statue of Liberty and is shouting, "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

The above image was taken on January 23, 2021, on a back road close to my place. I had to bring out the details in the woman's face because it had been obscured in the shadows. When I took the shot, it was only the dog I was acutely aware of, which stood out dramatically from the rest of the scene. And of course, I processed it using my newly patented sepia method.

Below are a few other images that survived digital purgatory, including a few street shots that I didn't share on social media.

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