A Universe of Reflection

There are existing theories describing the multiverse, or parallel universes. The most well known version is that there are multiple histories running simultaneously, as once described by Erwin Schrödinger, in a 1952 speech when he warned his audience that what he was about to tell them might seem lunatic. Of course, many of us will recall his famous cat.

While the existence of what we think of as parallel universes have yet to be proven by science in any form, there is another world similarly which can actually be seen by us from time to time: the world of reflection. Here is another example of a world (or a universe) next to our own, with a shared history running simultaneously.

Yet, we can’t feel it, we can’t enter it – although we appear to make physical contact when we review the pictures of our encounters with it. But we remain separate, apart from that experience. Those reflections of another universe vanish from sight when we turn a certain way or simply leave.

What a beautiful place though, just like our own. Maybe even better because that universe is always full of light and of silent, and arguably innocent, motion.

This particular parallel universe was discovered and shot at Versova Beach, in Mumbai.

Original post on Instagram.

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