Announcement: Away Until Mid-November

Please contact me via my email - Whatsapp - website - until further notice.

There "comes a time," Neil Young once opined.

If you know anything about the history of the album that song came off of by the same title, you might recall from a Rolling Stone interview that, according to Young, he bought up the initial 200,000 copies of the album because he wasn't happy with the sounds of the music. Apparently, the masters had been damaged in shipping and the music suffered for it. It wasn't up to to snuff. So he bought them all, remixed a new version of the album and had it shipped out. Then he apparently used all those copies as shingles on the roof of his barn.

It's a great story and totally Neil Young, in my book. It gave me an idea this afternoon, lending some credibility to an idea I had about taking a break from social media until there's more smooth sailing through this pandemic. For an American like me, it would also mean that I will get spared a hell of a lot of the political drama (incoherent cacophony) leading up to the 2020 US elections. This my friends, is the icing on the cake for me. A nice Black Forest cake at that!

So effectively immediately, all my social media has been uninstalled from my phone - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I won't be checking any of these with the exception of my business page on Facebook - which no one really visits anyway and where I'll be sharing my blog posts directly from my website. Please subscribe to this if you like my photography and want to continue seeing it during the interim of my hiatus. Which brings me to what I'll be up to: nothing special. I will continue my photography and writing gigs alongside my personal work largely in the privacy of my own home. If you're reading this you either know me already or might have other reasons to contact me. Always feel free: Email:

WhatsApp: If you have my number, use it And of course, from my website through various means.

Come my birthday in November, I plan on hopping back on the social media bandwagon to see what has transpired and to catch up with all of you. Farewell for now. And take care of yourselves. P.S. And wear a mask! P.S.S. And stay off the hydroxychloroquine! It's not to be taken along with your Covid-19 infection!

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