Back In The [Rickshaw] Saddle Again

Street photography by Craig Boehman.

After a much unneeded Covid-19 break, I've once again embarked on filling-in my long-term project, #RidingRickshaw.

The primer had been a traffic jam departing Versova after sundown. I sat stuck in traffic for some ten minutes without budging an inch before recalling that I used to book trips via rickshaw for the sole purpose of getting stuck in traffic in order to get shots. Kicking myself for not snapping to sooner, I unholstered my camera, which was affixed with an 85mm lens, and started shooting for much of the one-and-a-half-hour journey back home. Those of you who know anything about photography would understand that an 85mm lens typically isn't your go-to choice for close-up subjects, especially those in thick traffic. But I made the best of it. Tradition was never a strong ally of mine, anyway.

Here are a few shots from my latest ride.

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