Been Thinking of Versova Beach

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Our latest lockdown extension puts India out to May 31. That I miss going out and photographing Mumbai and its people, on assignment or for personal work, is an understatement. Many of my last outings before house arrest were spent photographing people and things at Versova Beach. Quite a few of these sessions were with my friend, Sohan.

What’s special about Versova Beach for me is the variation. There’s no place quite like it along Mumbai’s shores, let alone in India, if I were to guess. I’ve talked about these things in previous posts, so I won’t rehash them here yet again. Have a look at some of my “beachy” images and you’ll likely happen upon some helpful captions. In the interim, I’ve been learning new things (mainly Photoshop + compositing images) and planning for my eventual release. Yes. I do have plans for things to photograph once the coast is clear. Not surprisingly, several of these projects and new endeavors will have their photographic roots anchored firmly in the sands of Versova. I share with you here an outtake that I originally didn’t edit. What initially caught my eye wasn’t the general details or light, but the composition alone. I disregarded it because I didn’t like the way it looked in the harsh afternoon light. Thankfully, I’ve learned a few tricks since then and treated it with an artistic eye in hopes of sparing it from the trash can. I hope you enjoy it.

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