Covid-20 Blues

Lyrics and Image by Craig Boehman. Have you got the Covid-20 Blues?

A little ditty I finished up today. It goes a little sumthin' like this:

Covid-20 Blues

I bought me a mask

Just the other day

Now all you mouth-breathers

Stay the six feet away

WHO says to social distance

I say, no problem Jack

Hospitals full, don't go and crack yer skull

Or have no heart attack

Been cleanin' up dogshit

With 20 year-old newspapers

But at least I can wipe my ass

with a truckload of toilet paper

Please tell me somethin'

What the hell have I got to lose?

They say the Covid-19 is comin’

Already got the Covid-20 Blues

I woke up this mornin’ screamin’

Dreamed of the Doctor Trump

The neighbors hyrdoxy’d and up and died

So I put one in my trunk

But that's another story

For another rainy day

Remotely raging 9 to 5 at home

With no girl and without pay

Lord, I'm running low on booze

They call it a “non-essential good”

I say, in what world does that make any sense?

I'd beat them goofy if I could

I've never seen no politician

Worthy of raisin' up my brew

Pundits call it the Covid-19

I call it the Covid-20 Blues

Tired of all the positivity

When I open the Facebook

People postin' their stupid kids

And all the shit that they cook

I got an idea buddy

Why don't you open up a book?

Cos’ I don't care nothin' for what you say

Don't care what ‘challenges’ you took

My friends call me to come hang out

I sigh and mute my phone

It's not that I got chores to tend to

Just keep on busy being alone

Wish I could drink some disinfectant

I think I got a touch of the flu

They say I got the Covid-19

But I know I got the Covid-20 Blues

They say I got Coronavirus

I say it's Covid-20 Blues

Some folks call it the Covid-19

I call it the Covid-20 Blues

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