"Early Bloom"

Fine art photography by photographer Craig Boehman

Early Bloom

I admit this is a little off-genre for me. I would peg this as a fantasy piece. But I was compelled to do something with the original image because it was such a beautiful shot as it was. The only problem I had with the initial idea was that as a commercial portfolio shot, it failed to deliver because the bottle of cologne which was clutched in the model's hand, where the sunflower now is, was too small to see properly; it only looked like some small black bottle that perhaps a Drakkar Noir customer might recognize if he'd been paying close attention. Frankly, I'm happy the original idea collapsed in on itself. Genre preference is really a secondary consideration when it comes to breathing new life into something that would otherwise suffer an anonymous fate as a file buried in a mass digital grave. Photographed in Aarey Colony, Mumbai. Model: Sanyogita Yadav

Original edit.

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