Faces In The Mirror

One of my old photography projects gets a reboot.

With the recent purchase of a new but difficult lens, the Samyang 135mm f2 manual focus, I was reminded of an old photography project I had named "Faces in the Mirror" back when I was a Canon shooter and owned a telephoto lens.

Back then, I would sometimes pack my 55-250mm kit lens around and focus on mirrors whenever I was stopped at a traffic signal or side by side with another vehicle. The shots - and my project keepables, were few and far between. The reason being that I had stricter parameters. Also, I hadn't really thought about seriously pursuing Faces due to the difficulty of getting unique looking shots with different expressions.

I've realized now, with a little bit more imagination, I could expand the project to include composites: I could photograph the mirrors separately and then insert the images I had taken elsewhere.

In the above image, I photographed the mirror itself and composited a picture of a monkey I had photographed a few years ago in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, here in Mumbai.

It only made sense then to continue Faces in the Mirror in a similar fashion. Here are the considerations for future images: 1) All images must be shot by me, in Mumbai 2) Composites are allowed 3) Try to not make images feel repetitive in overall appearance

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