"Frameless" A Unique Large Scale Square Print [Unsold]

Actualizado: 7 de sep de 2020

Fine art photography by Craig Boehman.

September 5, 2020. Mumbai, India

For me, this piece embraces the meaning of 'transient'. I discovered this from a window of our new flat in Malad West, a northern suburb of Mumbai. I was immediately attracted to this object, which to me at the time, resembled a cellar door to a fallout shelter. And yet, there was nothing leading down to anything...only a shadow and a promise of a future journey to a more permanent destination.

Present is an overwhelming sense of isolation. That could very well be my own projections. Maybe not quite loneliness either - that's much to presumptuous of a word for such a sturdy object. But I do detect a sense of transience and of not belonging. This chunk of a building is only a beggar awaiting a passerby to transport it to another dimension to serve an alternate purpose.

I like to create imagery which is transient. I like the idea that no one else has the perspective I have of my subject, quite literally. For no one else on the planet has my field of view of this, let alone cares enough to photograph it. I knew if I didn't photograph the frame that it could very well vanish at any given time as the building continues on its upward trajectory.

"Frameless" is an Unique-designated piece, literally one-of-a-kind. This means that even though originally a digital image, the source RAW file will be destroyed & documented upon sale. There will exist no further prints, limited editions, reproductions, etc. The buyer will possess the only signed physical copy produced by the artist. The only image that will remain is a record of the piece in the form of a digital image that will remain with the artist for purposes of portfolio and promotional use only.

Ask: $3,400 (does not include shipping + insurance)

Size & print details: Large Format Square 42" x 42" on Hahnemühle paper (inquire).


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