"In Vain"

Fine art photography by photographer Craig Boehman.

Many would find this statement unkind, but the most fascinating subject for me when I visited Amer Fort in Jaipur was this sweeper lady (her broom is to the left of the doorway.) As a people photographer - whether it be street or portraits or for fine art - monuments and great architectural wonders always take a backseat. I'm just not interested: until someone special enters the scene and lends it some humanity. Otherwise for me, it's nothing but still life on the best of days. When I arrived in the room, she had been sitting down taking a break. There was no one else around and I wanted her photograph, so I pretended not to be interested and looked out the doorway at the massive courtyard. It was only as I was leaving that she felt comfortable to be herself...and wondered over to the doorway to have a look outside. It was then that I took her photo, which turned out much better than the other couple shots I'd taken.

It had been a turbulent time on this trip to northern India. Modi had just sprung Demonitisation (rendering our currency worthless) a few days prior and my friend and I were basically made broke and had to sell off our worthless currency at premium prices all along our tour. While our suffering was minor compared to that of ordinary people across India, I'll always remember this time as a not-so-pleasant reminder as to how cruel and stupid politicians are. But that's another story for another time, isn't it? I've included here the original edit from November 2016. Which do you prefer?

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