Independence Brewing Company Now Delivering Beer To Your Doorstep

The top-notch microbrewing now delivers in Mumbai.

The following is my “unbiased” beer testimonial, from the land of 2020 Lockdown India:

The inside of my refrigerator has never looked so groovy. First customer, I am told (and thank you!), to have received a growler delivery from Independence Brewing Company in Mumbai. When I was pinged on the new service, I couldn’t quite believe it. For one, this was great micro beer brewed in India. Secondly, and this is an important one, not even in the States can one get beer delivered…to your doorstep.

I ordered the two obvious choices from the Andheri West location: 2.5 liters of both the Juicy IPA and the Hefeweizen. The delivery was hassle-free and safe (delivery in mask & they’ll make you wash your hands with their sanitizer before entering your pin number during payment). I didn’t know what to expect from the containers – and they are made of good quality glass and the caps are sealed and tamper-proof. You’ll want to adjust the racks in your refrigerator a bit because the 2.5 liter bottles are tall enough to warrant it. That’s it.

Most importantly, the beer was delivered cold.

Hats off to Independence Brewing Co. for making lockdown a little more familiar and tasty!

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