Let Me Create Original Composites For Your Project

Fine art photography and compositing by Craig Boehman.

In 2020 I've begun offering composite photography services to my commercial clients. thought I'd like to share with you my latest photography composite, which I may well end up using in a future music project. Possible uses for composite art: Album Cover | Book Cover | Editorial Projects | Movie Poster | Product Packaging | Website/Social Media Content

There are undoubtedly infinite uses for composite photography: blending two or more images together in an artistic and cohesive way. The above is a perfect example of what I do for my clients. Nearly as important as the actual artwork itself is the thought process behind it. My briefing was to create cover art for digital use or product design for a song. I wanted to use the lyrics as a guide as to what elements I would add. The lyrics for "The Redman" make reference to every element in this image. [I've already shared the song's lyrics here on my blog, if you'd like to take a look]

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