New Work From Old

Fine art by Craig Boehman

Now accepting commissions for new works.

Fine Art | Creative Portraits | Re-touching

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How it works

  • I can create a whole new image for you based on my photography

  • I can take one of your existing images and do something creative with it

  • I can fashion a creative portrait for you with a portrait session


Portraits: Starting from $400 for a creative portrait session with me. 3 images total. Commissioned art: Starting from $1,000. 1 image total. Re-editing/re-touching your images: Starting from $100 for 3 images total.

An example of a 'before' shot.

Basically, I can take pictures of you, your family, or anything - and turn them into something artistic - to your taste.

I also offer re-touching services. I can take your phone shots and other cherished memories and clean them up, including color correction, corrective lighting, imperfection removal, etc.

Contact or email me at

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