"Pretend No Evil"

Actualizado: 27 de jul de 2020

Fine art photography by Craig Boehman.

To go against one's principles - as experiment - can be an eye-opener. For the first time, and not long after stating I'd never do this (read as less than 24 hours!) I borrowed some pixels from other people's work to make a composite image. In retrospect, I may have been setting myself up for a dare. "Could you do it? Could you use some other's work and not feel dirty about it?" To be clear, I licensed both images of women whom I'm borrowed the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth from. And to be extra clear, I could have used any of the models I had shot in the past for this same image but opted not to out of respect (I never informed any of them that I'd ever use their likenesses for something which could be construed as disturbing like this).

Legalese out of the way, I wanted to create something that was how I've been feeling about the world at large in light of the pandemic - in particular, at "those in charge." And what a perfect way but to express so through art?

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