Review: Manfrotto Lifestyle Windsor Messenger Camera Bag

Finally, a decent-sized camera bag that holds my camera vertically.

I really don't know the exact name of this Manfrotto camera bag. It goes by various names on Amazon US and Amazon India. The name also varies by dealers here in Mumbai. Regardless, I believe I got the same bag I was looking at online.

First, the bad. Access through the magnetic latches is a little time-consuming because they are slow to fit together. This appeared to be the biggest complaint about this bag among Amazon customers, although there is a zipper on top for quick access, although this is a bit of a slow go too because the opening is a little tight. But I think I can work around this during times when I'm only packing one lens by using my old and smaller Sony bag. It's quicker access for smoothly removing and putting my camera away. Otherwise, for multiple lenses and for when I need to pack my Kindle or other small accessories, this bag will do the trick nicely.

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