Review Of The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag (Orange interior)

Actualizado: 18 de feb de 2020

Photography accessories are a huge cash-sink. Let's take a look at a budget bag.

First Impressions

Exterior functions of the bag work as expected, including zippers, latches, and Velcro.

But I'm going to cut this review short. Because when I tried to fit my camera into this bag, it wouldn't go down fully inside the bag. No DSLR or mirrorless camea body will fit, in my estimation. The lens size doesn't matter. Why? Because the dividers are designed too high, which prevent the body from recessing further into the bag itself. My first lens I attched to my Sony A7iii was the rather large Sigma 35mm 1.4 prime lens. This combination wouldn't fit into my old Sony bag either. No surprises with the AmazonBasics - wouldn't fit. But when I places a much smaller prime - the 50mm 1.8 - it wouldn't fit fully inside the bag either. It's a terrible design. See video.

Sure, I can remove the adjustable dividers and fit the camera inside but then that defeats the entire purpose of having them for the camera body and lens, and additionally restricts how many lenses I can have in a compartment if I don't want to have two lenses in one slot on the side - which risks scratching/damaging during normal carry and transport. If removable dividers is the argument in defense of this bag, I may as well buy a backpack - with no dividers - and throw everything into one compartment.

I'm unsure whether or not the bag I received was defective. One thing is for sure, I'm returning it and looking at other options.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on an everyday carry bag. What's a lot of money? More than $50, I feel, is too much to pay for a walk-around bag.

What's next?

Decided to go for a sling bag. I ordered the Brain Freezer S1 Sling Shoulder Photography Video Camera Bag Compitible with Digital DSLR SLR Camera Green and will be receiving it in a few days. Gotta love the spelling! Anyway, there's only one current review on this bag, a 3-star negative review stating that the bag was too big. Now, that kind of problem sounds refreshing.

See the Brain Freezer review here:

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