Sourcing Jade For My 'Jade Forest' Series

Fine art photography by Craig Boehman.

[Originally published on Instagram prior to full Covid-19 shutdown in India]

When it comes to social distancing, I'm all for it. Very few things make me happier than venturing off alone, avoiding crowds, and creating something.

The photography industry at large, along with most everything else I suppose, is tanking. I shot my last photo shoot a few days ago and I've no plans to photograph a single person for work of any kind until this virus is finished with us.

In the interim, expect to see images here on my feed centered around art. My Jade Forest series will pick up where I left off a few months ago when I first discovered these amazing patterns in the sand. Most of them reminded me of trees or strange prehistoric birds with teeth. They were made, presumably, by the action of the tides washing in and out.

A common element is the dark sand, which I suspect is heavier and thus more difficult to be washed away, especially when there are grooves for it to be stuck within. There may be a biological component to these formations because I've seen these twirly, worm-like patterns appear occasionally. I'm not sure if this is connected to all the pattern formations but I wouldn't be surprised due to the terrible sanitary practices and conditions at Versova Beach.

Theories aside, I'm bound to be drawn to these patterns once again if Mumbai authorities don't shut down Versova Beach to the public (they've already shut down Juhu Beach in recent days). But I won't be limiting myself to only the beach, I suspect. Abstract art is everywhere around us...and a lot of it is worth looking at if you can find it.

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