"The Apprentice" Unique Edition Large Format Print

Fine art photography by Craig Boehman

"The Apprentice" is a Unique Edition piece, literally one-of-a-kind. This means that even though originally a digital image, the source RAW file will be destroyed & documented upon sale. There will exist no further prints, limited editions, reproductions, etc. The buyer will possess the only signed physical copy produced by the artist. The only image that will remain is a record of the piece in the form of a digital image that will remain with the artist for purposes of portfolio and promotional use only.

Ask: $3,400 (does not include shipping + insurance)

Size & print details: Large Format Square 42" x 42" on Hahnemühle paper (inquire).

The Story Behind The Shot

My wife pointed out this curious scene one morning by announcing that I may be interested in a photo opp happening right outside our window. I know that she hates the term "photo opp" and thought that it must be quite the scene for her to announce it using the dreaded terminology.

I was not disappointed. Next to a painter on the rooftop of our local clubhouse, currently under construction, was another laborer who was napping. I fetched my camera and took a few shots, swapped out lenses for good measure to make sure that I captured something worth keeping. As with most of my shots, I never really know if something will work out or not, and I returned my camera to its roost and took out my phone to video the scene unfolding. I was slightly amused when I managed to video the painter poking the sleeping man before I returned to my morning.

Fast forward to an hour later. The man was still sleeping. The painter had left. And I started to have genuine concerns as to whether or not the man was okay. I almost reported the man to our security until I realized that he did move when he was nudged in the video. A short time later, he simply got up and waited on the ledge for his partner to raise the ladder so he could descend.

I'm always on the look-out for scenes that will not ever repeat themselves. Though technically just about anything can be staged or recreated, there's something special about the unrehearsed, the candid moment. For this reason alone I've decided to offer this piece as a Unique Edition. I want the finished print to represent exactly what I saw (and what will never be seen again) in addition to the "feeling" of the scene.

For posterity's sake, I've included the video here.

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