The Color Balance Tool In Photoshop

The Color Balance tool is one of those next-level post processing tools.

Sometimes I'm asked about my post processing workflow, and I'm usually hesitant to talk about it because there's just too much to discuss in casual conversation. Your subject matter, location, lens selection, time of day, etc., etc, all play a role in how one would ultimately edit images in Photoshop (add preferred program). The unspoken rule for me is that I shoot with post processing in mind, therefore it's such a varied subject that it would require hours to delve into fully.

But there's one tool that I use in all my color photography work - the Color Balance tool. It's a more user friendly version of using the Curves adjustment layer, which I also use for various reasons in most of my work. I highly recommend getting to know the Color Balance tool if you're new to post processing. Instead of writing about this tool expansively and explaining specific settings I use for specific subjects, which wouldn't really serve to help anyone learning this for the first time, I'm going to share a video to help explore the tool more thoroughly.

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