"The Dancer"

Fine art photography by photographer Craig Boehman.

Once again I find myself talking about Covid-19 lockdown here in Mumbai, and one of the benefits being time for one's art. During this time of learning and creative exploration, I've been forced to go back through my photography archives over the past five years in order to create new work. This has resulted in more benefits than negatives - the worst of which is becoming oh so very tired of looking at the same images ad infinitum. Thankfully, there are more ways to create new things from the old than one can possibly imagine. "The Dancer" originated from a photo session with a dancer whom I photographed on a Mumbai beach in 2019. The originals turned out quite to my liking but I never really had a great forum to present them. That's when I discovered triptychs and began arranging some of my shots into these three-panel frames. What I realized was that silhouettes of this dancer looked amazing by themselves. Suddenly, the background of sand and sky weren't as important; it was form and presentation that took hold of the wheel.

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