Three Triptychs From Juhu Jetty, Mumbai

Action is sometimes best represented in sequences. Here's where forms like the triptych come into play.

My focus has been shifting to action-orientated photography of late. I was shooting at the Jetty at Juhu when I encountered a few local residents who were performing jumps and dives. Naturally, I made my way over and struck up conversation and began photographing them.

Unfortunately, they were just about done when I arrived and I didn't get all the shots I wanted. To top it off my woes, the widest lens I had brought was a 50mm and I could have really made use of my 35mm or 24mm for this as I was backed up to the water and wasn't able to get every sequence properly framed (plenty of outtakes!). I was able to manage these three triptychs, which I thought were more interesting than any one single frame from any one sequence.

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