Un Solitaire

Self-portrait series by photographer Craig Boehman.

For lack of subjects during Mumbai lockdown, I've turned toward myself. Sometimes there's no choice. If you want to take pictures of people and there are few or none, there's always operating your camera via phone and setting up the shot. This was shot on my Sony A7iii with a Samyang 18mm 2.8 lens. I'm really glad I've got this wide angle option or I wouldn't have been able to fit all of me into the frame in such a compact space. I took about 25 shots before selecting this one as my favorite. Then I added in my little mole friend on the right side of the frame. There's really a lot one can do in the self-portrait world, I'm discovering. To date, I've only explored the very tip of the photographic selfie iceberg. But I suspect as lockdown continues that I'll have myself a few more sessions.

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