"Versova Rider"

Fine art photography by photographer Craig Boehman.

Street photography is my first genre. I adopted it first and it's my go-to source for my fine art photography. Versova Beach is known for their horse riders at the close of daylight hours. They offer rides to the locals and are quite popular with children. When I'm visiting during this Golden Hour time I'll usually try to get some pictures of the riders along the shoreline. I get one shot at it when they're close enough, which means I'm shooting at a high frame rate if I'm to capture anything worth saving. I've included the original edit of the above image here:

Versova Beach was fast becoming a de facto go-to source for much of my photography prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. So much so, that I've designed an online webinar about how to find your own photographic turf, an area which is convenient and close to home. Here's an excerpt from the webinar:

Photographers should have at least one patch of photographic earth to call their very own turf; ideally, within a short distance from home. Distance may be relative depending on where one lives and other circumstances, but let’s agree that generally speaking one’s turf should be one of the closest locations to home, no more than 15-45 mins away by transport or by foot. This is the 15-45 Tenant
The second tenant: Shoot in 4D. Your turf is three dimensions, with the added factor of Time. This simply means that photographing your turf requires you to learn it inside and out. When there’s nothing obvious to shoot, try high and low angles, the ground, the sky. And visit your turf during both Golden Hours, morning and early evening. Consider visiting during the worst part of the day as well when the sun is high and casting harsh light and shadows. You never know what good light may be lurking in the most unlikely of spaces.

If you'd like to learn more, have a look at my webinar here: https://www.craigboehman.com/webinar-photography-workshop-1

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