What To Bring To My Mumbai Street Photography Workshops

I've been fortunate so far that most of my clients have come prepared for my street photography workshops. They haven't forgotten anything nor have they been inadequately equipped to deal with photographing Mumbai. This is a great thing. But it only means I've been lucky so far to play host to some very experienced travellers and photographers.

I'd like to take a few moments and make a list of things that I regularly pack with me when I plan to shoot street photography for several hours in Mumbai. Because there is a difference between casually going out versus travelling some distance and making a day of it, especially considering the heat of the day which begins to manifest before noon.

Recommended List

* Comfortable walking shoes - no sandals or open-toe footwear of any kind

* One camera * One lens preferably. Either a 35mm prime or a zoom lens that covers the 35mm focal distance

* Extra batteries

* Lens cloth

* Hand sanitizer

* Sunglasses or hat

* Some cash (for snacks & water)

* Small bag or small backpack

That's about it.

Notice that I place comfortable walking shoes at the top of the list? Well, most seasoned travellers will know the importance of comfortable walking shoes. But since some people aren't visiting Mumbai as a purely tourist destination, they may forget that while it is an urban environment, there are still places I'm going to take you where you're going to thank yourself for wearing comfortable shoes that also protect your toes from any number of unpleasant things.

As for camera, I highly recommend just taking one camera and one lens. This saves you time when shooting because there's no reason to re-think what lens you're using for any particular scene. Now, there are a few photographers who want to get certain shots which may require one or two other lenses, and that's fine. You're paying me to help get you the shots you want. But if you're on the fence as far as what to bring with you and have multiple lenses, including primes and zooms to choose from, go with the 35mm or 50mm prime. For zooms, a 16-35mm or a 24-70mm or similar works well. And bring extra batteries! This is a must because I highly advise keeping your camera on at all times while shooting.

Everything else on the list is pretty self-explanatory. But I want to empathize that travelling simply and light is the best way to go. You don't want to be fiddling around with a lot of crap for a 5-6 hour photo adventure. You want to be able to walk unencumbered and not be weighted down for when it starts to heat up in the later morning.

That's a wrap. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me regarding your plans for Mumbai.

You can find details about my Mumbai street photography workshops on these pages. I also do custom-made itineraries on request.

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